Sweet Memories Pillow | Free Pattern

It’s time to break out those old containers of scraps!  This project will reinvent your old disregarded pieces of fabric into a whole new creation.  The Sweet Memories Pillow Cover is a great afternoon project that will leave you with a beautiful new pillow for your patio, deck, living room, or even your favorite chair!  Made from long pieces of scraps, the Sweet Memories Pillow Cover can make a great gift or be the beginning of many family memories.  So let’s hop right in to it!

It's time to kick back and relax with the sweet memories pillow. This pattern is easy to make, uses scraps and is free!


Finished Pillow Size: 20″ by 20″

The sweet memories pillow cover is extra special. The wavy technique used in the creation of this cover allows for you to keep your imagination turning and pushes sewers to take a step outside of the box.  Beyond being visually appeasing, the technique used to make this pillow cover can be used to make so many more amazing things!  If you liked making the sweet memories pillow cover then you must check out the link below where the same wavy scrappy technique is used in creating a super cute tote bag!  The styling is so chic and creates the perfect accessory for any everyday outfit in your closet.


Let’s take a close up look at the sweet memories pillow cover.

Sweet Memories Pillow Feature

Each layer provides another opportunity to show off your fabric fabrics and prints. We suggest having fun and experimenting with your fabric choices. Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold colors & prints. You might be surprised at how well they go together.

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Plus, did you adore that amazing wavy technique used to make the sweet memories pillow cover? It is also used to create a tote bag with this pattern.

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