8 Free Two Color Quilt Patterns

Most patterns can be made as two color quilts. The reverse is also true; two color quilt patterns can be made in multiple colors. Sometimes it’s nice to have all the guesswork and inspiration ready at hand, so we’ve rounded up a collection of two color quilt patterns. A two-tone color palette keeps things simple and makes the finished quilt really stand out. You can find two color quilts with traditional designs as well as modern. To make a two color quilt more scrappy, utilize a variety of scrap fabrics featuring the two main shades of color. In a two color quilt, you will typically find a color paired with white, but that’s not a hard rule and breaking it can lead to a beautiful quilt.

8 Free Two Color Quilt Patterns
  1. Sentimental Stars Quilt
  2. Simple Plus Quilt
  3. Irish Chain Quilt
  4. Turnabout Quilt
  5. Out of the Blue Quilt
  6. Reverse Sawtooth Star Quilt
  7. Houndstooth Quilt
  8. Neon Dreams Quilt

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