5 DIY Rainbow Pillow Tutorials

We are continuing the rainbow themed projects with pillow tutorials to brighten up any bed, bench, or couch. We have Roy G Biv working overtime here! Bright colors and graphic whimsy lend a sweet touch to any corner. Employ scraps in every color of the rainbow to bust through your stash with these simple rainbow pillow projects.

5 Rainbow Pillow Sewing Tutorials
  1. Rainbow Color Block Pillow
  2. Easy Rainbow Floor Pillow
  3. Ruffled Rainbow Pillow
  4. Boxy Rainbow Pillow
  5. Quilted Rainbow Pillow

For more rainbows, check out the Rainbow Umbrella Pillow, the Rainy Day Junior Quilt, and the Rainbow Puff Quilt.

Rainbow Puff Baby Quilt sewing video class
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