Twisted Ribbons Quilt

The Twisted Ribbons Quilt is a modern quilt comprised of 3.5″ strips that meet at a point creating the illusion of a twist. Using a light background really allows those ribbons to pop. The Twisted Ribbons Quilt measures: 55″ x 55″.

Free Twisted Ribbons Quilt Pattern

The key to getting the twisted ribbon look is perfecting your points. Suzy Quilts offer tips for building the best foundation for keeping your points consistent. Clear rulers and good pressing tools with aide in the process.

As you can see, different color combinations and prints along with the color order create very different effects. Have fun playing with your own combination to create a unique look with the Twisted Ribbons quilt pattern.

Rainbow ribbons, ombre color palettes, and even two-tone designs would make interesting twisted ribbon quilts.

For more tips, tricks, and tools for perfecting your points, check out the video below.

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