Triangle Chair Pillow Tutorial

When you opt for acute angle triangles as opposed to obtuse, the end result is “a cute” triangle pillow or chair cushion. We love a good pun almost as much as a great sewing tutorial.

A Cute Triangle Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial. Great for Scraps.

The “A Cute” Triangle pillow sewing tutorial yields the perfect seat cushion for your sewing chair or a lovely throw pillow for your couch.

Free Sewing Pattern for a Chair Cushion or Pillow

Make your pillow as scrappy as you like or vary the shading in quadrants like this sample.

Triangle Chair Pillow Free Sewing Pattern
Scrappy Triangle Pillow Tutorial


  • 6 main colors, 4 prints for each of those colors. This will allow you to do monochromatic wedges, but you could do any kind of design you want.
  • You will also need 1/2 yard of fabric for the back of the pillow.

You will also need:

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