Scrap Fabric Wall Art

If you are like us, every scrap is precious. Take those precious scraps out of storage and display them on your walls in the form of multi-media art.

Scrap Fabric Wall Art

This project utilizes scrap fabric to create a work of art. The artwork can be made with a frame or canvas using any silhouettes of choice by enlarging actual images to fit your design. The the fabric is cut to fit sections of the silhouette, then attached to the canvas with school glue or decoupage medium. The canvas can be painted beforehand for a background other than white or apply random strokes of color over the finished piece for a modern twist.

DIY Scrappy Wall Decor

Choose silhouettes and colors that work with your room decor. For example, have fun with animal shapes for a nursery or child’s room and play with images of utensils for a kitchen.

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