Free Zipper Bag Patterns

Zipper bags are one of our go-to sewing projects here at Sewing with Scraps. Not only are they easy to make and useful but they are perfect for scraps!

Zipper Bag Pattern Inspiration | Sewing With Scraps
  1. Pleated Pouch
  2. Flower Power – pictured
  3. Makeup Bag
  4. Personalized Potter
  5. Brigit Needles & Notions Pouch – pictured
  6. Quilted Zipper Pouch – pictured
  7. Gathered Clutch – pictured
  8. Pleated Wallet Clutch – pictured
  9. Lace Zipper Pouch
  10. Raccoon Case – pictured
Free Zipper Bag Tutorials | Sewing with Scraps
  1. Charmed Zipper Pouch – pictured
  2. Sleeping Bag Pouch – pictured
  3. Denim Clutch
  4. Kids Busy Bag
  5. Places Pouch
  6. Polka Dot Pouch
  7. Camera Applique Bag – pictured
  8. Boxy Bag
  9. Bow Wallet
  10. Rounded Pouch
Free Zipper Bag Patterns | Sewing With Scraps
  1. Hot Air Balloon – pictured
  2. Cable Organizer Bag
  3. Ruffle Zipper Pouch
  4. 12 Patch Zipper Pouch
  5. Cosmetic Case with Brush Roll – pictured
  6. Cross Body Bag – pictured
  7. Quilted Barrel Roll – pictured
  8. Book Zipper Clutch
  9. Asterid Coin Purse
  10. Curvy Top Clutch

Wow, talk about a pattern line-up, this list is fantastic! We know that that sometimes zippers can be scary but honestly, they are SOOOO much easier than you think! Be sure to PIN THIS post for easy finding later.

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