Fine Line Piecing

Have you ever heard of Fine Line Quilting? This method is all about using very skinny contrast strips between pieces of the main fabrics. Fine line quilting results in bold contrast and fun texture in your quilt blocks.

Fine Line Quilting Scrap Buster

While many fine line quilters tend to stick to solid fabrics in their quilting, subtle prints work well too. The key to fine line quilting is to gauge your seam allowance from the previous seam, no matter how far it is from the edge of the fabric.  This allows you to make your lines a consistent width.

We suggest using a 1/4″ seam allowance and a high contrast fabric for a big impact! Then again, varying the widths can also add some interest into the design.

Fine line quilting is an improv technique that results in a network of lines creating a unique design. Click below to take a deeper dive with A Quilter’s Table.

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