10 Free Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

Using pre-cuts in quilts can cut down the prep time and get you on your way to stitching. A layer cake is a stack of 40-42 fabrics from a fabric line that have been cut into 10 inch squares. Much of the guesswork is taken out in the fact that the fabrics are already color coordinated. These 10″ squares provide ample opportunities for design ideas. We’ve rounded up a few free layer cake quilt patterns to put your pre-cuts to use.

10 Free Layer Cake Quilt Patterns
  1. Layer Cake Links Quilt
  2. Layer Cake Stacker Quilt
  3. Spring Picnic Quilt
  4. Layers of Charm Quilt
  5. Layer Cake Checkmate
  6. Easy Layer Cake Quilt
  7. Layer Cake Windmill Quilt
  8. Stargazer Quilt
  9. Peaches and Cream Quilt
  10. Shuffle Quilt

Pre cuts are a great way to quickly breeze by the cutting table and just start stitching but did you know they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes? Here is a quick video showing the different pre cut bundles commonly chatted about and featured in designer patterns.

Check our pattern library for a few more ideas for sewing with layer cake precut fabrics.

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