DIY Expandable Storage Bag in 3 Sizes

Flat storage bags that expand when needed are a smart idea. These expandable storage bags are the best for home organizing and travel storage, and you can make them yourself!

DIY expandable storage bags sewing pattern and tutorial. Great for travel!

From travel shoe bags to toiletries, these bags can handle it all. The design allows them to lay flat when not in use, so they aren’t taking up space in your luggage or drawers. Then, they expand to allow for maximum storage.

Free Sewing Pattern for expandable storage bags in 3 sizes

With 3 sizes, you will never loose your socks, lingerie, or toiletries in your suitcase again! We love that these expandable bags perform as multifunctional storage.

Finished sizes are as follows:

  • SMALL: flat 12 1/2″ long, 8″ wide – expanded 3″ tall (32 x 20 cm, exp. 7.5cm tall)
  • MEDIUM size: flat 15″ long, 9″ wide, expanded 4″ tall (38 x 23 cm, exp. 10 cm tall)
  • LARGE size: flat 16″ long, 10″ wide, expanded 4″ tall (40 x 25.5 cm, exp. 10 cm tall)
DIY travel storage bag sewing pattern


  • half yard of fabric
  • a #3 nylon coil zipper – 12″/15″/17″ (30/ 40/ 50cm) long, depending on the bag size you’re making
  • sewing machine, needle, pins or sewing clips,
  • iron, scissors, or rotary cutter plus cutting mat