5 Winter Themed Quilts to Sew

Celebrate the winter season with these winter quilts. There is a distinct chill in the air, and depending on your location, there may be snow on the ground. It’s no better time to cuddle up with a new quilt. These winter themed quilts keep you cozy while the wintery weather runs its course outside. While the ground may be a bit monochromatic, these quilts can brighten the wintery scene with bold colors. The frosty quilt scenes will warm your heart. Each quilt pattern gives you plenty of opportunity to incorporate your scraps.

5 Winter Themed Quilt Patterns

The winter season is often a busy one for quilters. Give these cool winter quilts a try to ward off the chill.

Take your winter quilt even further with loopy snowflake free motion quilting. Find out how below.

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