Barn Bats Mini Quilt Tutorial

Halloween is about a month away, so let’s prep our pumpkins and have fun with a little spooky decor. This mini Barn Bats quilt is just the thing to set the stage.

Scrappy Barn Bats Mini Quilt Tutorail

What’s old is new again! Elizabeth Hartman took a 1935 block illustration by Nancy Cabot and created a mini quilt tutorial that easily incorporates our Halloween scraps.

This unique block comes together by stacking strips, trimming at an angle, and bringing the strips back together. If you look really close you can see an embroidered face detail in some of the center bats.

The two examples above added some extra spooky details with button bat eyes and spider web quilting.

Pretty points are essential for the Barn Bats Mini Quilt. Take a look at the video below for tips on getting perfect points, nesting seams, and more.

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