10 Free 18″ Doll Clothes Patterns

If you plan to tuck a new 18″ doll under the tree this year, we highly suggest adding some handmade clothes to the doll’s wardrobe. Doll clothes are quick to sew and use small cuts of fabric, perfect for busting through your scrap stash.

10 Free American Girl Doll Clothes Patterns
  1. Mittens
  2. Sweater Dress
  3. Pleated Skirt
  4. Sundress
  5. Flutter Sleeve Dress
  6. Swimsuit
  7. Doll Nightgown
  8. Peplum Coat
  9. Four Seasons Skirt
  10. Doll Leggings

We know that sometimes sewing small can be intimidating but with a little patience, you can create the most amazing outfits. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

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