The Plaid-ish Quilt Tutorial

Fall has me reaching for my plaid flannel shirts for a cozy layer. The Plaid-ish Free Quilt Pattern translates the plaid print of my favorite shirts into quilt form. Nothing says fall quite like a good plaid. With every style of plaid from checkered to Tartan, incorporating this timeless pattern into quilts is a must.

Free Plaid-ish Quilt Pattern for Fall

Finished quilt size: 64″ x 82″. The Plaid-ish Quilt will put your scraps to good use since a variety of colors work well with this quilt pattern. This pattern uses tiny squares, skinny strips, rectangles, and (charm size) squares. Get ready to bust through some scraps!

The key to achieving the best plaid combination is working with the values of your fabrics. Color values describe the degree of lightness and darkness of a color. You’ll want your darks dark and your lights light. I love this tip from pattern designer Erica on assessing the values of your fabrics, “Use the black and white photo mode on your phone to help distinguish value. Sometimes it can be tricky to see!”

Be sure to check out the #plaidishquilt hashtag on Instagram for even more plaid quilt inspiration.

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