Sewing Table Transformations

For this week’s inspiration, we are asking you to take a step away from the sewing machine. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to venture too far!! We are just looking at sewing items from a different perspective.

8 ways to transform a vintage sewing machine table

Today, we wanted to highlight vintage sewing machine tables, and more specifically ways to transform a vintage sewing table to something entirely different. You know we love a good repurpose project!

There is something so nostalgic about a vintage sewing table. While turning a sewing table into a bathroom sink may go beyond DIY, we love the surprise of finding a sewing table in the restroom.


The most popular sewing table repurpose project we found were drink stations. From lemonade stands for kids to outdoor bars for adults, we love this method of giving new life to a old sewing table.

DIY sewing table potting bench
Potting Table 2

Transform a sewing table headed for the trashing into a sowing table. Pretty and practical for your porch!

The small drawers and folding top, make this vintage sewing table the perfect makeup application station.

Upcycled Sewing Table Drawer Planter
Drawer Planter

Should you come across a table that is a bit worse for wear, salvage the drawers for smaller upcycle projects such as wall storage or planters.

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