Scrap Busting Pattern Weights

Instead of reaching for whatever is handy to keep your project in place, put your scraps to work with functional pattern weights. These pattern weights take minimal supplies to create and store away easily when not in use.

Pattern Weigths sewing pattern and tutorial

The DIY pattern weights are quick to make, functional, and make a great gift for sewing friends. Pattern weights are essential when using rotary cutters for your sewing projects. If you typically reach for soup cans or other found objects, try making a dedicated set of pattern weights to get your project started on the right track. Besides, these are much cuter than soup cans.

The only material you may not have on hand to create these pattern weights might be the weighted fill. We suggest plastic poly pellets, but sand, rice, beans, and pebbles would be alternatives.

Take a look at the DIY Square Pattern Weight tutorial for another great option for your sewing room.

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