Quilted Postcard Tutorials

Quilted postcards are fast to make, completely unique to send and easy to mail. You can actually stick on a stamp and send a quilted postcard through the mail although you will likely need a regular stamp as opposed to a postcard stamp.

Making quilted postcards is like making miniature quilts and they are a great project for using scraps. Usually 4″x6″ in size, postcard quilts offer a great opportunity for trying a new technique at a small scale. If sending out your handmade treasure unprotected is too nerve racking, slip the quilted postcard inside an envelope for added protection. The quilted postcard tutorials below provide a plethora of tips and techniques for making each card unique and shippable.

How to Make Quilted Fabric Postcards
Quilted Postcard tips, techniques and tutorial
Easy Quilted Postcard Tutorial

Quilted fabric postcards are easy to make and send gifts that are sure to bring cheer. Once sent, the handmade postcard can be displayed as is or framed as unique artwork.

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