Quilted Hydro Flask Holder

If you know a teen or young adult, they are likely toting a Hydro Flask water bottle. A Hydro Flask is a trendy stainless steel insulated water bottle to keep you hydrated through any and every daily activity. The quilted hydro flask holder keeps these water bottles within reach without occupying busy hands. We love the convenience!

DIY Quilted Hydro Flask Holder

A DIY quilted hydro flask holder is a great way to send your older child out the door with something handmade by you. The retro style is gender-neutral and easy to customize with fabric options. The quilted sides and bottom keep the metal protected from scratches and dings.

The d-rings allow for any carrying strap to be clipped on. Instructions for a shorter handle are included in the tutorial. Create your own strap or purchase ready-made purse straps to clip to the D-rings. The D-ring provides ample opportunity for clipping on key rings or hand sanitizer holders too.

The tutorial is sized specifically for the Hydro Flask bottle, but can easily be customized to your favorite bottle style. Be sure to check out the Coral Water Bottle Holder for another great water bottle carrier.

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