Needle Organizer | Free Pattern

Keep your sewing space organized with this free needle organizer pattern. It is easy to make and perfect for showing off the small pieces of your favorite fabrics.

Every needle has a place with this patchwork needle organizer pattern. The free pattern is easy to make and bound to keep needles off the floor.

Needle Organizer Details:

  • pattern available in two different sizes
  • patchwork detail is perfect for scraps
  • pattern prints full to size 

Never loose track of your needles again with this easy to make free pattern. The patchwork sections are perfect for keeping every type of needle under the sun perfectly organized and at your fingertips.  


While the pattern is easy to make, the download provides little instructions. You will need to join all pieces together and assemble on your own. Consider it more of a template. 

When assembling your patchwork pieces we highly recommend that you double check your seam allowance. It is important that your needle position is correct and yielding a 1//4″ seam allowance. Here is a great tutorial for more details.  

Check your seam allowance with these easy tips from The Sewing Loft

So instead of wondering if that sewing needle a ballpoint, leather or designed for topstitching place it in this needle organizer and know for sure!

Needle Organizer Pincushion | Free Pattern

***Update- This pattern is no longer available. Please visit our pattern library to find your next scrap happy project here. ***

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