How to Frame a Mini Quilt

We have something a little different for you today. Don’t worry, we’ve included a quick sewing project as well!

How to Frame a Mini Quilt, Modern Mini Quilt Tutorial

Mini quilts are fun to make, but determining what to with them when they are finished can be a bit trickier. We love this method of creating framed mini quilts to display your craft. Not only is framing your mini quilt project fast, but it also makes binding the quilt optional.

How to Frame a Mini Quilt


  • Frame (includes glass and mat)
  • Masking Tape or Double Sided Tape
  • Clean cloth
  • Mini Quilt​ 

If you love these modern mini quilt designs as much as I do, I won’t leave you hanging. Check out the video below for creating an unconventional lines mini quilt of your own.

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