How to Clean Your Sewing Machine

Earlier this week we posted a tutorial for created a sewing machine cover perfect for keep the dust away when you machine is not in use. Before you place the cover on you machine, it’s a good idea to clean what’s underneath.

Best ways to clean your sewing machine

The whole process should only take 4 to 5 minutes total.  It is best to clean out your sewing machine after every big project to keep everything in working order. Heather even shows you how in this quick video.

How to clean your sewing machine

This tutorial will be a guideline since there are so many different make and model machines on the market today.


Additional ways to keep your sewing machine clean:

  • Keep it covered! That’s right, most machines come with a simple dust cover.  Use it! Dust from lint gets everywhere in your sewing space.
  • Changes your needles often. It is recommended that we replace them after 4-6 hours of sewing.  (I get a big FAIL in this department!)
  • Watch the tension when winding your bobbins.
  • Do not use old or vintage thread.  Technology has changed and advanced so much over the years.  Vintage threads tend to produce more loose fibers and lint will accumulate faster. Save the vintage spools for a pretty display.
  • And more……
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