Cloudberry Face Cleansing Set

The Cloudberry Face Cleaning Set is a cute hexagon make-up remover set including remover pads, a laundry bag and a storage basket.  Not only is this cleansing set environmentally friendly, but it’s perfect for using up fabric scraps.

Scrap busting Face Cleaning pattern set

The three piece pattern set is available for free by signing up for the Sofinona Designs newsletter or for purchase in the pattern shop. Make an eclectic set with a variety of scraps or choose fabrics that coordinate with your bathroom decor.

The cleaning pads are perfect for removing eye makeup, and the laundry bag keeps them from getting lost in the wash. But, the laundry bag is equally useful for washing intimates as well.

We love the idea of using this pattern as a gift set, especially for a teen just starting to wear makeup on a regular basis. Put those scraps to use while teaching useful hygiene habits at the same time.

Teens can be hard to make for. Check out a few of our teen favorites in our pattern library.

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