Arrow Dynamic Mini Quilt | Free Pattern

Arrow Dynamic Mini Quilt Free Pattern

Do you have some scrap fabric you never thought you’d use? It’s time to give it a new life! Imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you transform mismatched fabrics into this striking quilt!

The designer, Judy Gauthier, used a monochromatic theme for each block in the Arrow Dynamic Quilt (orange, red, navy, and turquoise). These colors allowed her to achieve a cohesive appearance while using scrap fabrics. She chose a solid white background to allow the colors to shine.

Arrow Dynamic Mini Quilt Free Pattern

To give the outer border a more modern feel she choose a printed fabric by Cotton+Steel. The quilt is made up of four very large blocks. Each block is made with a mix of squares and half-square triangles. You can use your scrap fabric for creating the triangle scraps.

There is always room for improvement no matter what your skill level and we love this video to achieve beautiful quilts. The unique cutting system will help you slice through the time at the cutting table and allow you to head straight to the machine.

Arrow Dynamic Mini Quilt Free Pattern

Even if you use this quilt as a blanket or just for decoration, quilting is a fun and fulfilling process everyone should try!

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