5 Free Check and Gingham Quilts

Both buffalo check and gingham are both considered to be a type of plaid. Buffalo check (also known as a Buffalo plaid) originated as an alternating check, usually featuring black with another color, with a larger scale as compared to gingham prints. Gingham is typically a smaller check pattern often with bright colors woven with white. For both patterns, all of the checkers are square. These days the terms seam to be used interchangeably. The classic buffalo check and gingham patterns make striking quilts.

5 Free check and gingham quilt tutorials
  1. Strip Pieced Gingham Quilt
  2. Buffalo Check Throw Quilt
  3. Jumbo Buffalo Plaid Quilt
  4. Bias Gingham Les Fleurs Quilt
  5. 3 Hour Baby Gingham Quilt

Gingham and check quilts are very beginner friendly and quick to sew. Sometimes it’s the simple projects that turn out to be the most fun to make. The traditional patchwork design makes great baby quilts too. For a coordinating gingham pillowcase tutorial, check out the video below.

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