5 Free Basket Quilts and Blocks

Easter sewing inspiration is everywhere and we have even more for you. We’ve shared a classic basket quilt block before, and now we’ve rounded up a few more. Although we no longer carry baskets for our daily bread, we can appreciate the historic symbol of this utilitarian object. Baskets still fill a role in hearth and home. More recently, Easter traditions include the Easter Bunny leaving gifts for children in Easter baskets. Easter baskets are also used in Easter egg hunts as children track down hidden eggs and store them in their basket. So, whether you are looking to sew a basket quilt as Easter decor or as an ode to the classic vessel, we have a free basket quilt block to meet your need. These blocks range from modern to traditional in design.

5 Free Basket Quilts and Blocks
  1. Modern Basket Quilt Block
  2. Heart Easter Basket Block
  3. Happy Baskets Quilt
  4. Happy Scrappy Basket Block
  5. May Basket Block

If you are looking to sew an actual basket instead of or to go with a basket quilt, take a look at these basket sewing tutorials.

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