5 Butterfly Quilt Blocks for Spring

Last week we highlighted a fun pollinator quilt with The Bee Quilt. This week we are highlighting quilt blocks that feature another favorite pollinator, the butterfly. A butterfly’s brightly colored wings make replicating them in quilt form playful and fun. Check out these free butterfly quilt blocks and decide how to best put them to use.

5 Free Butterfly Quilt Blocks

Butterflies are often found floating around the flowers during the spring and summer months and have the most striking colors. Not only are they beautiful to watch but they are patterned wings are each unique, making them the perfect muse for sewing your scraps.

Here are a few butterfly quilt blocks to get your next quilt started.

  1. Butterfly Block Tutorial
  2. Butterfly Quilt
  3. Make a Butterfly Block Tutorial
  4. 12.5″ Butterfly Block
  5. Flutterby Block

We know that not everyone has time to stitch together a complete quilt and encourage you to think out of the box. We think this butterfly pillow is beyond darling and really the perfect way to use any of your favorite quilt blocks. You can find more details on the project here.

By now you can tell that butterflies are perfect for sewing with your colorful scraps and that we feature them often. You can find even more butterfly sewing projects in our pattern library.

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