15 DIY Fabric Pumpkins

Pumpkin spice and everything nice! If you are itching to decorate for fall, there is nothing like fabric pumpkins that won’t rot away at the end of the season. Skip the messy pumpkin carving, and stitch one up instead.

15 DIY Fabric Pumpkins
  1. Pumpkins with Doilies 
  2. Seams Visible
  3. Thrifty Pumpkin
  4. No Sew
  5. Easy Fabric Pumpkin Video
  6. Sock Pumpkins
  7. Velvet Pumpkins 
  8. Beaded Beauties
  9. Vintage Style Pumpkins
  10. Pumpkin Wreath
  11. Sweater Pumpkins
  12. Bandanna Pumpkins
  13. Scrappy Gathered Pumpkins
  14. Stacked Pumpkins
  15. Jack-O-Lantern Style

Whatever your decorating style, there’s a pumpkin waiting to fit right in. If you are looking for patchwork pumpkins, I’ve got the block for you!

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