10 Unique Lavender Sachet Tutorials

Freshen up your drawers with sweet scented lavender sachets. These unique sachet tutorials are fun to make and gift. Lavender sachets are a simple sewing project with lasting results.

10 unique lavender sachet tutorials

Lavender is one of those soothing scents that is perfect for adding to your drawers. The tiny aromatic buds can be found growing wild in during the summer, is perfect for planting in pots, and adds personality to any garden landscape.

But don’t just think of lavender as a plant. It is known to have some pretty amazing healing powers. Including chronic pain, high blood pressure, and asthma. So the next time you spot the fragrant plant in the wild, you may want to stop and take a few clippings. Once dried, the flower buds will fall easily from the protective stems.

Want to get stitching right away and don’t have time to wait for the buds to dry? No worries, you can purchase the soothing scented buds here.

  1. Triangle Lavender Sachet
  2. Patchwork Lavender Sachet
  3. Printed Lavender Sachet
  4. EPP Embroidered Lavender Sachet
  5. Lavender Teabag Sachet
  6. Repurposed Napkin Sachet
  7. Lavender Pinwheel Sachet
  8. Flower Lavender Sachet
  9. Lavender Heart Sachet
  10. Scrappy Lavender Sachet
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