10 Things to Sew for Your Pet

Have you considered what to sew for your favorite furry friend? Whether you have a dog, cat, hamster, goat, or other four legged critter, there is bound to be something you can sew for your pet. We’ve rounded up a list of ideas of easy things to sew for pets that are practical and adorable. Stitch up some handmade pet gear to show your furry family member some love.

10 Things to Sew for Pets
  1. Cat Bed Pattern
  2. DIY Dog Bed
  3. Pet Food Dish Mat
  4. DIY Pet Sling
  5. Rainbow Cloud Cat Toy
  6. Easy DIY Reversible Dog Bandana
  7. DIY Guinea Pig Cushion
  8. Snuggle Pod for Small Animals
  9. DIY Scrappy Dog Leash with Nylon Webbing
  10. Free Cat/Dog Bed

Be sure to visit our pattern library for other scrappy sewing projects for your four legged friends.

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