10 Games for Kids Made with Fabric Scraps

Whether for birthdays, Christmas, or just family game night, games are always a hit with kids. A handmade game is one that will get passed down for generations.

10 Games for Kids Made From Fabric Scraps
  1. On the Go Tic Tac Toe (pictured)
  2. Memory Game (pictured)
  3. Marble Maze
  4. I Spy Pouch
  5. Portable Checker Board (pictured)
  6. Matchbox Car Play Mat
  7. Playing Card Holder (pictured)
  8. Gone Fishing
  9. Hopscotch Play Mat
  10. Lego Travel Mat

We love brightly colored scraps for these game ideas. Many of the projects included make great travel games for portable fun! Batch sew a few for gifts for all the grandkids, a classroom, or party favors.

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